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Here you will find the exact items I use in my videos

I use a handful of basic tools and I choose the brands I like.

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See the handful of basic tools I actually use.

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See the consumable items I use like food coloring, cake plates, and stacking systems.

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See my pans & mixer.

Fondant Vs.
Gum Paste

Explains the difference between Fondant and Gum Paste and when to use each.

Cake Decorating Pages

Happy Birthday Cake

NFT Collection

This is something very different then my normal HOW TO MAKE cake videos!

As you know I love the art of making cakes, but I also love painting and drawing. NFTs are digital artwork I've just started playing with.

This is what I have learned so far... NFT stands for Non-fungible token.

What is fungible? Fungible is something that can be replaced with an identical item. For example, the items on my tools page are fungible. You can purchase the exact tool I use. Using this understanding "non-fungible" are things that cannot be replaced with an identical item because there is only one. For example, the Leonardo DaVinci Mona Lisa. There is only one therefore it's non-fungible.

NFTs are digital artwork that can be purchased just like physical artwork. Just like physical artwork, copies can be made, but only the original has value. There could only be one authentic owner at a time, and the artwork can be purchased and sold just like any other artwork.

I'm new to all this, but I was able to create a Birthday Cake collection. This is artwork that can be purchased to celebrate your birthday. Each one is unique and can only have one owner. Check out my NFT Collection named Happy Birthday Cake.

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