Fondant and Gumpaste

...And What's the difference

Fondant and Gum Paste Comparison Video


Comes in 2lb & 5lb sizes

Used to cover a cake. Fondant stays soft and never really dries, therefore it remains chewy and you can bite through it without any problem. It works great for non-weight bearing cake decorations.

Gum Paste

Comes in 2lb & 5lb size

Gum Paste is used to create cake toppers and cake decorations. It's very similar to fondant, but instead Gum Paste will dry and harden quickly. This stiffness, gives additional strength when making 3D weight bearing cake decorations. Gum Paste can also be rolled thin and will still hold it shape more precisely when making items like flowers.

CMC Powder

Use when you only have Fondant and you want it to strengthen it to be moldable and hold it's shape like Gum Paste.

Depending where you live

Fondant & Gum Paste

have Different Names

Fondant is also called Sugar Paste.

Gum Paste is also called Modeling Paste, Flower Paste, or Petal Paste.

CMC powder is also called Tylose powder, Gum-Tex powder. Gum Tragacanth, or Gum Arabic. All of these items do the same thing, and that is to strengthen Fondant.

To make things more complicated, some people say you should mix Fondant and Gum Paste to a 50/50 mixture. Yes, that is another way you can strengthen Fondant.

Wherever you live, and whatever you call it the important thing to understand is Fondant can work for making cake decorations, but it will lack the strength needed for decorations, so will they will droop as they settle. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR A DEMOSTRATION.


I usually color my Fondant and Gum Paste with food coloring so I can get the exact colors I want. But...sometimes I buy pre-mixed colors for the convenience. They are a little more expensive, but they save time and give a nice true color. Both Fondant & Gum Paste can be purchased in colors. Below are a few colors and in the Amazon listing you will find other color options.

I like using these Wilton Food Coloring Gels because they give a true color. I have used the liquid food coloring before and I find you have to add much more coloring which ends up softening the Fondant or Gum Paste.

Black because I hate mixing black. You need to add lots of food coloring to get a true dark black.

Red is another color that you need to add a lot of food coloring to get a true color, so the premixed stuff is nice.

Green is not hard to make yourself, but it is nice to get it premix so you don't have to mixing it yourself.

Yellow is easy to color yourself, but is a nice treat so you don't have to mix it yourself.

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