These are The Comsumable Items I use

These Ateco Food Coloring Markers have good fine tips for making thin lines.

I like using these Wilton Food Coloring Gels because they give a true color and it doesn't seem to soften the Fondant or Gum Paste like the liquid food coloring does.

8in Wilton Lollipop Sticks are often my main support for standing cake decorations. They are easy to trim to size and safe if someone accidently bites into them.

Why Spaghetti? Because I don't use toothpicks. Nobody wants to bite into a cake decoration and get stabbed in the mouth with a hidden toothpick. Ouch! Keep your cake decorations safe for everyone.

Crisco is what I use on my work surface to prevent my fondant and gum paste from sticking. I don't like using powder sugar because it dries everything out.

6in Tall Wilton Pillars for supporting a second or third layer cake.

6in Wilton Cake plate that interlocks with the pillar s above.

12in Wilton Cake Boxes are work well for taller cakes with cake toppers. They have a good sturdy bottom and the top can be taped to the side walls therefore allowing it hold almost a 12in tall cake.

3 piece Cake Dummy Set allows to to decorate a cake without having to bake a cake. I also used these when someone wants a multi tier cake but does not have that many people to feed.

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Fondant and Gum Paste Comparison Video