Here are the Tools I use

These Ateco sculpting tools are my favorite! I use them in almost every video. They are a good weight, strong, good quality, and smooth seamless edges.

I use this X-Acto knife Size #1 because I like the thin handle with the thin sharp blade. It works excellent for cutting small thin pieces without misshaping them.

These Ateco Metal Circle Cutters give a nice clean cutting edge and a good quality that holds it's shape for years.

For squares, I use these Ateco Plastic Cutters because they give true square cuts with the sharpest corners I found. I have found the metal version bow inward.

This Wilton ribbon cutter works great for making long thing ribbons. It's quick to change the sizing and works great for me.

This Wilton rolling pin gives a smooth rolling surface that won't leave a seam mark like cheap brand ones.

This Ateco fondant smoother gives a good flat straight surface, unlike the cheap brand ones.

Both of these Wilton & Ateco Fondant cutters work great. I use them interchangeable. I listed both because sometimes one is on sale.

They work great for making a stitching look. Good quality, strong, and straight.

This Ateco cake turntable spins so smoothly. Even with the weight of the cake it an effortless guide. The quality really shows.

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Fondant and Gum Paste Comparison Video