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Jen with Caketastic Cakes

I'm a home baker that makes narrated cake decorating tutorials on YouTube. I like to focus on cake decorating and cake toppers because cake decorations totally change the impression of even a store-bought cake.

My Audiences

My videos are designed for both cake beginners as well as more experienced cake decorators that just need a little guidance on something specific. In addition, I have also gained a large kid following because they love watching their favorite items and characters being made.

No Bakery? No Problem.

My videos show that you do not need a bakery or expensive specialty equipment to make amazing cakes. I work out of my own kitchen, and I almost exclusively use just these 12 Tools that I bought on Amazon.


My online cake decorating video classes are COMPLETELY FREE and can be viewed on YouTube. I am not a paid sponsor for any specific brand, so the items I use were bought right on Amazon. I provide links for the exact Tools and Supplies I use so you can use the same items as me when you follow along with my tutorials.

Why do I do it?

Because I absolutely love seeing the surprised faces and the joy my cakes bring to people. Cakes are very temporary... but that joy is definitely remembered in memories and pictures. To me, it's an honor to be the person that made those memories.

Share your work!

I am very active on Social Media and I love seeing the work my viewers make using my tutorials.





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More about Jen

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YouTube is my main platform, but I am also very active on social media!


Business opportunities

I’m Jen with Caketastic Cakes, and I create custom decorated cakes and cake decorations.

I’m a home baker that specializes in any popular theme, focusing on younger people’s interests.

My content is varied and includes multi-hour live streams, educational tutorials, and entertaining video shorts.

Feel free to reach me using social media or Jen@CaketasticCakes.com