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Yes, that is my focus! Here you will find hundreds of FREE "How to Make" cake decorating videos that are designed to demonstrate the steps needed so you can create any of the cakes yourself. Click a category below to see my videos. Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can easily find me again.

I"m Jen, and my tutorials focus on showing everyday people how they can realistically make custom cakes in their own kitchen.

I absolutely love seeing the surprised faces and the joy my cakes bring to people. Cakes are very temporary... but that joy is definitely remembered in memories and pictures.

To me, it's an honor to be the person that made those memories.

Here is what I use in my videos

These are the exact tools you will see me use in my videos.

Here are the consumable items I use.

Gum Paste or Fondant?

I use both. Click for more info.

These are the exact pans and other baking items you will see me use in my videos.

Proof you can it!

This Video Shows 2 Things

  1. The Answer to the #1 Question I'm asked

"Can I use Fondant to make that?"

  1. Cakes and Decorations my viewers made using my tutorials.

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