Among Us Collection Includes:

Body Found Cake

Red Crewmate Standing Cake

Shhhh Cake

Animal Crossing Collection Includes:

Isabelle Cake Decoration

Angry Birds Collection Includes:

Red Bird Cake Decoration

Blue Bird Cake Decoration

Black Bird Cake Decoration

Angry Pigs Cake Decoration

Assassin's Creed Collection:

Before I started making videos

Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) Collection Includes:

These were before I was making videos.

Golden Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, Cupcake, Mangle, Marionette, Daycare Attendant

Fortnite Collection Includes:

Many Fortnite Cakes and Decorations

Super Mario Collection Includes:

Mario Cake Decoration

Mario Lettering Cake Decoration

Minecraft Collection Includes:

Many Minecraft Cakes and Cake Decorations

Nintendo Collection Includes:

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Cake

PlayStation Collection Includes:

PlayStation 5 Controller Cake Decoration

PlayStation 4 Cake

PlayStation 4 Cake Decoration

Pokemon Collection Includes:

Pikachu Cake

Detective Pikachu Cake Decoration

Snorlax Cake Decoration

Kid Made Pikachu Cake

Charizard X Cake Decoration

Poppy Playtime Cakes

Poppy Playtime Collection Includes:

Poppy Playtime Cake

Huggy Wuggy Cake Decoration

Kissy Missy Cake Decoration

Roblox Collection Includes:

Skin with Green Wings Cake Decoration

Sonic Collection Includes:

Sonic Head Cake

Sonic with Rings Cake

Xbox Collection Includes:

Xbox 1 Controller Cake Decoration

Xbox 360 Controller Cake Decoration





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