Among Us Cakes

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Among Us Cake Standing

My Standing Crewmate Cake Decorating Video will show you how to make an amazing, freestanding crewmate using an every day, plastic cake-stacking system! No drills, no wooden boards, no screws or bolts. Just a plastic cake plate and four legs. If you have these, you can make this cake! #CaketasticCakes

Among Us Cake

Among Us Cake Decorating Tutorial will show you how to make your very own Crewmates and pet cake come to life. Or death - if a body is discovered! I go through the steps to make the red crewmate, its pet brainslug, and a body to discover. Then I show you how to put together a great looking cake in the Among Us style. #CaketasticCakes

Among Us Cake

Here is another Among Us cake for you to enjoy. This one is much simpler in design, as all you need to do is print out two templates and then follow along! #CaketasticCakes

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